Full-Body Strength Training Services in Shelton, CT

Moving with H.O.P.E. is proud to offer strength training services in Shelton, CT to clients of all ages, backgrounds, and physical abilities as part of our guided exercise program.

We will teach you how to perform each exercise, properly use equipment, and when it's time to change up your workout.

One-on-One Personal Strength Training

Our experienced Exercise Physiologists will work with you, one-on-one, for a fully customized strength training program that's both safe and challenging. Here's how it works.

Initial Physical Evaluation

Your guided exercise program starts with a comprehensive physical evaluation. This helps us understand what your fitness goals are, what your current capabilities are, and allows us to create the most beneficial program for you! 

The physical evaluation includes: 

  • Muscular strength test 
  • Muscular endurance test 
  • Flexibility 
  • Functional fitness test 
  • Fall risk analysis 
  • Range of motion tests

100% Customized Strength Training Plan

Once your Exercise Physiologist has established a baseline of physical abilities and goals, they will create a custom strength training plan as part of your guided exercise program

As you continue to work through your strength training program, we will re-adjust it as needed. When the exercises in your exercise prescription become easy, our Exercise Physiologists will appropriately increase the difficulty for that portion of your workout.

Strength Training Exercise

For any exercise included in your program, we will teach you exactly how to perform it. You'll have a full-body strength training workout completely laid out for you, including every rep, set, and weight. 

When you get to the point where you're able to perform your exercise prescription on your own, exercise physiologists are still available on the floor to provide help when necessary. You'll be able to visit our gym Monday through Friday by appointment, with certain limitations.



Every 90 days, we will review your progress and adjust the strength training portion and overall intensity of your exercise plan as needed. We always want you to feel comfortable with your workout, but we never want it to get too easy – your program should remain challenging and attainable, this is why it is constantly being updated.

We always welcome open feedback, so let us know if a certain exercise is too difficult or too easy.

Experienced Exercise Physiologists

Our exercise programs work because they are built from decades of experience, data collection, and the science of neuroplasticity. We fully believe in our system and hope you will, too! 

We base everything off of your personal starting point. We never want to overwhelm your body – you'll always be working towards your goals, so it's important you're able to recover for your next session.

Start Strength Training in Shelton, CT Today!

Our founders believe everyone should have hope for a better, healthier tomorrow. As an innovative physical rehabilitation clinic, we're devoted to empowering survivors, strengthening communities, and giving hope! 

Ready to get started? Feel free to contact us online. You could also reach out to David at  203-513-8424 or david.penna@movingwithhope.org to set up a tour of our facilities!