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With over 4 decades of experience evaluating physical function and developing plans of care for the moderate to severe physically disabled, the founders (Tad and Joanne Duni) of MovingWithHOPE (MWH) have skillfully integrated traditional physical therapy with intensive activity-based restorative interventions. MWH’s recovery programs are among the most aggressive in the Country. If you are interested in attending MWH’s program, call to set up a tour.

Interested in getting Started?

Step 1: Schedule a tour: Contact David or Mindy at 203-513-8424.

  1. Email:
  2. Phone: 203-513-8424


Download and complete these forms.

Physician's Clearance Form


Medical History


Step 3: Email or deliver the completed forms to:

Step 4: You will be contacted by David or Mindy to schedule an evaluation.

All program services are pre-billed at the beginning of each service month.

From the Offices of Co-founder Tad Duni

Joanne and Tad DuniI welcome you to explore your opportunity to benefit from our system of recovery. We also would welcome having the honor and privilege of working with you and your loved ones. Let’s hope there is a good match between us!

Over the past 40 years, my wife and I have seen thousands of clients with various types of physical disabilities. We have collected thousands of data points on hundreds of people. Overtime, every client’s progress has been measured and re-measured; range of motion, basic strength, time to walk 60 ft, sit to stands mechanics, distance walked in 6 minutes, various levels of sit ups and sit backs, static standing, and hours of sessions per week. Our data has clearly shown that each of our clients with moderate to severe neurologically impairment needs approximately 400 service hours during the first 12 months of using our system. Our data has shown that nearly 100% of all our clients who comply with that benchmark of 400 hours in 12 months have realized significant improvements in all 5 major activities of daily living (personal hygiene, dressing and undressing, transferring: movement and mobility, toileting, and preparing food and feeding.

To attend our program, you will need to trust our system. Our program works because it is predicated on years of experience, data collection and the science of neuroplasticity.

400 hours in one year seems like a lot. We believe that using our system within one year for 400 hours is your best opportunity to optimize functional movement, health and independence. This is the goal. The process will be the same even if the goal is not met! We just to try and see what happens.

MWH’s job is to provide YOU with the proper therapeutic dose of activity-based restorative therapy. This requires starting with an initial duration, intensity, frequency that stimulates changes in the muscles and nervous system “WITHOUT” overloading your ability to recovery for the next session. YOUR starting point or initial dose of activity-based therapy depends on the starting condition of YOUR muscle, YOUR brain, YOUR spinal cord, YOUR endocrine system, YOUR bones, YOUR cardiovascular system, and YOUR lungs.

I am asking you to trust our work and our skill and to invest $22,000.00 in the next 12 months. You can go to many other places and spend more than twice that amount. More money will NOT buy a better outcome than our system.  We believe in our system and we hope you will, too!

We believe you will be extremely pleased with YOUR results from using our neuro-recovery system.

Note: The COVID-19 Pandemic has made it almost impossible to allow access to our clinic without invoicing each client at $75/hour of services. We still provide reduced hourly rates for  clients each year. These clients must document their financial status to justify not paying full price for our services. We also have an active fundraising campaign to offset shortfalls from these lowered rates. 



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Initial Evaluation – Every client must receive a functional evaluation before starting a program.


Bundled Service Fee

      $75.00 per hour

The following forms MUST be filled out before beginning the program:

Physician's Clearance Form


Medical History Form


Photo Release Form

Photo Release Form Image


Are you considering becoming a client, but concerned about how you would pay?

Are you a current client who is facing financial challenges and could benefit from our Client Scholarship Fund?

We understand that finances can be an obstacle when individuals and their families are searching for a continuing exercise program after traditional therapy is complete. MovingWithHOPE established a Client Scholarship Fund in 2011 to help qualified clients offset the costs of training here.

Who May Apply
Current and new clients facing a financial challenge are eligible to apply for assistance from the Scholarship Fund.  See Guidelines for Financial Assistance below.

How to Apply
To apply, email David Penna at to obtain a scholarship application. The application requests financial information and a personal narrative.

Guidelines for Financial Assistance:

  • Monies funded are approved by the Scholarship Committee of MovingWithHOPE
  • Scholarship awards are based upon your available income, the amount of subsidy funds available and the demand for subsidies from other MovinmgWithHOPE clients.
  • Chosen scholarship recipients will still be billed for services on a monthly basis, with credit made from available funds.
  • Client will pre-arrange allocation of their scholarship award to be reflected on the monthly invoice.
  • Client will notify the Scholarship Committee of any changes to their finances.
  • Applicants will submit a one-page explanation of their personal and financial situation. This information will be considered along with the financial details you provide.