Hip Replacement Exercise Program in Shelton, CT

Are you getting hip replacement surgery soon? Or recently recovering from it? Our hip replacement exercise program is perfect for you. 

Our head Exercise Physiologist has worked with hundreds of hip replacement patients over the last decade. We can help you prepare for your surgery or continue with your rehabilitation when you're released from Physical Therapy. 

Learn more about our hip replacement strength training here!

Exercising to Prepare for Hip Replacement

Did you know that exercising before a hip replacement surgery can lessen your post-op pain and recovery time? 

Many patients needing hip replacement surgery become much less active due to pain and discomfort. This means your muscles will be weaker and less supportive, which can affect post-surgery healing. 

That's why we recommend starting an exercise program before your surgery.


Benefits of Exercising Before Hip Replacement Surgery

Performing consistent, general exercise up until the week of your surgery has many benefits: 

  • Increased blood flow - Exercise increases blood flow to the affected region 
  • Build strength - Increases the strength needed to support the affected joint 
  • Less pain and discomfort - Experience less post-surgery pain and discomfort 
  • Reduce long-term effects of surgery - You'll heal quicker and reduce the potential for long-term effects of hip replacement surgery. 
  • Reduced rehabilitation time - get back to a better quality of life sooner.

      We've helped countless patients prepare for hip-replacement surgery with our guided exercise program. 

      Post-Operative Hip Replacement Exercise Program

      While we almost always recommend starting an exercise program before your hip replacement surgery, post-surgery exercise is just as important. 

      After you've finished your doctor-prescribed physical therapy program, you can continue your rehabilitation journey here at Moving With H.O.P.E. 

      We've seen many patients who still need help building strength in their hips even after physical therapy. Our recovery programs are some of the most aggressive in the entire country, but we help patients get real results!


      We Will Work With Your Physical Therapist

      Our staff will work extensively with your Physical Therapist when you're released from post-op physical therapy. This ensures you continue improving and avoids the chance of setbacks.

      100% Guided Hip Replacement Exercise Program

      Our exercise program is the safest, easiest way to build strength and balance after hip replacement surgery. 

      Our program includes: 

      • An initial physical evaluation to test your current strength, flexibility, and range of motion 
      • 100% supervised personal training sessions
      • Exact instructions for each movement 
      • A difficulty rating after each exercise so we can adjust your plan as needed 
      • Easy-to-follow programs

      How Long Does it Take for Muscles to Heal After a Hip Replacement?

      In general, studies have shown that it can take up to two years for your muscles to fully heal after hip replacement surgery. 

      However, this lengthy healing process can be caused by patients who stop doing proper exercises after only a few months. They either think they've improved as much as possible or are frustrated after seeing slow results. 

      Consistent, targeted exercise will help you rebuild muscle strength and stability. 

      We're here to join you on your journey to recovery and mobility. We want to see you succeed and get back to your daily life!


      Hip Replacement Strength Training in Shelton, CT

      Whether your surgery is coming up soon or you've already had post-op physical therapy, we can help you!

      Our hip replacement strength training services are 100% customized to your needs, physical abilities, and schedule!

      If you'd like to learn more you can contact us online.

      You could also reach out to David at 203-513-8424 or david.penna@movingwithhope.org to set up a tour of our facilities!