Meet Greg

Greg was and still is an avid outdoorsman. He loves to hike, fish and ski. During the Winter just after he completed college, Greg was skiing in New York State and decided to do a stunt that resulted in one of his ski’s falling off during flight. When he hit the ground his head very hard. He got up and proceeded to ski the rest of the night. The next morning he complained of nausea and headache and soon starting to vomit and convulse. He was rushed to the hospital, where he received emergent brain surgery to remove a clot. Even with brilliant surgery, the injury left him with no use of his extremities, lost speech and the ability to swallow. He was “locked in”, a term used when a person is totally paralyzed.

After receiving months of inpatient therapy and over 2 years of outpatient physical, speech and occupational therapy, he arrived at our door for more help. After evaluation, MovingwithHOPE created a plan of care to progress him with walking stability and speed. Greg also wants to get his masters in Chemistry. To do that we also set a course for improved speech, improved use of his right shoulder and hand and improved working memory, short-term memory, reverse memory, and all executive cognitive function.

On his first day, it took Greg a bit over 6 minutes to walk 60 ft. This is with heavy hands on him and a second person close by. Today, he walks 60 ft in an average of 1 minute and 15 seconds with a best time of 48 seconds. And, this is with no heavy hands on him, just one person close by. His speech has improved dramatically, as well. Also, by using an interactive active brain trainer (Intendu®) his cognitive skills have improved by over 80% and his use of his right side range of motion is to a point where he can comb his hair and brush his teeth!

His progress from traditional PT/OT/SLP was remarkable. His access to this model exceeded 170 hours a year for several years. This is exceptional care, as most people only receive 40 hours a year of OT/PT/SLP. To get Greg to the next level of independence, he needed MovingWithHOPE’s recovery model. This model has allowed Greg to receive over 850 hrs of OT/PT/SLP and cognitive therapies per year for 2.5 years!

Greg is still making progress and we will continue to find ways to change his mind and body to remap function to improve movement, speech, and cognition.