Moving With Hope Physical Therapy:  Exploring Owen’s Success Story

15 Years of Limited to No Progress

Owen has always been kind, ambitious, and a dreamer. As a child growing up in New York, he dreamt of running an auto repair shop. His sister recalls that he was always a tinkerer and a natural entrepreneur. So it came as no surprise when Owen, at the age of 16, founded his auto repair shop. He was still in high school and making confident strides into his future. The need for physical therapy wasn’t even a thought. Owen was looking forward to graduating so he could run his shop full-time.

However, just days before Owen was set to graduate, one event would forever change everything for him and his family. While riding his Harley Davison to his girlfriend’s house one afternoon, he was hit in a tragic hit-and-run accident. An unknown person drove a heavy vehicle right over Owen when he paused at a stop sign. 

The event caused massive trauma to Owen’s brain and body, leaving him in a coma for over 2 years. His friends and classmates walked across the graduation stage without Owen. Unfortunately, he never received his high school diploma.

Recovering at the Hospital and Moving Back Home

The accident greatly affected Owen over many years. He spent about 4 years in and out of comas, and another 4 years at the New York City Rehabilitation Hospital. His mother, a kindergarten teacher, would visit him after she finished school each day. His father, a small business owner, would visit Owen in the mornings. His six older siblings visited Owen whenever they could. 

Nearly 10 long years after his accident, Owen was finally able to move back home. Owen’s sister and her young family became his caretakers, along with a full-time professional aide.

15 Years of Limited to No Progress


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Less Movement

Poorer & Poorer Health

Like many people with severe physical injuries, Owen qualified every year for one or two 30 minute physical therapy sessions each week through Medicaid. This wasn’t enough time for Owen, so he didn’t make much progress. Every year, he was discharged early from the program. As a result, Owen moved less and less every day. His health began to decline.

Finding Moving With H.O.P.E.

After 15 years with little to no physical therapy, Owen’s life was about to change once more - but in a good way. Owen came to MWH in 2015 through his Medicaid Case Manager. His manager wanted Owen to widen his scope of services and to make him more active after little or no improvement from traditional physical therapies.

On his first visit to MWH, Owen was joined by caregivers, including his sister, his niece, and his full-time professional aide. The staff and providers welcomed them all into the facility. They were given a tour and met other clients and caregivers.

Starting Activity-Based Restorative Therapy

Owen found Activity-Based Restorative Therapy (ABRT) was very challenging in the beginning. He was unable to stand or bear any weight on his legs. He was also unable to maintain the appropriate posture of his trunk and pelvic region. However, with the help of several staff members, he was able to walk 60 feet in 56 seconds and 90 feet in 83 seconds. His 6-minute walking distance was 275 feet.

The staff at MWH were supportive and kept working with Owen. Since our facility was close to Owen’s home and had all the right equipment, it was easy to include regular exercise in his routine. He came 10 to 12 hours each week. He took the time he needed to recover in between sets. During breaks, Owen could socialize, rest, and even take a shower.

Owen Keeps Getting Stronger

Today, Owen still comes to MWH for 10 to 12 hours each week. However, the intensity of his physical therapy sessions has increased.

He is now able to initiate weight-bearing on his legs. He can raise his body off of a surface. He is also able to lower his trunk in a controlled manner. Owen can also raise his trunk off of a mat to assume a sitting position with a slight use of his arms.

Now, with only the assistance of one staff member and a walker, Owen can walk 60 feet in 33 seconds and 90 feet in 48 seconds, both represent an improvement of over 40%. He has also seen a 97% improvement in his 6 minute walking time, and is now able to now walk 542 feet.

Before MovingwithH.O.P.E.


With MovingwithH.O.P.E.


Owen's Not Done Yet

Owen considers the team of professionals, community leaders, community members, advocates, and mentors at MWH as his second home. He says “All the staff are good people and work their hardest to help me have a better life,” says Owen. He hopes that more places like MWH will be opened soon, so more people can be helped.

Recently, Owen started to use MWH’s cognitive programs and advanced speech/reading software to reconnect with old friends and family on Facebook! His auto repair shop, which his cousins now manage, continues to thrive.

“All the staff are good people, and work their hardest to help me have a better life.”

Come and Experience the MWH Difference

You have learned how the exceptional physical therapy sessions and our physical therapists have improved Owen’s mobility.  Moving With Hope develops a custom treatment plan just for you with the advice of your physician. Our team of caring medical experts will work with you to ensure that you regain as much of your mobility and independence as you can.

Contact us today to start talking about how Moving With Hope can empower you, strengthen your support network, and give you renewed hope for your future. So come and explore all that MWH has to offer!