Keitha's Story of H.O.P.E.

Finding MWH

After her accident, Keitha did not receive therapy for four years. It wasn’t until she moved to Florida and found The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis that she was able to find some treatment. Still, she saw no results. Furthermore, her living arrangement at the time was less than ideal. She did not have the proper bed for her needs, and nothing was handicap-accessible. This caused her to regress in many of her motor skills such as transferring in and out of her wheelchair--a skill she would relearn, among many others, at MWH.

Getting to Know Keitha

Keitha is a woman of many interests that are always changing. Currently, she enjoys adult coloring books, music (hip-hop, classic R&B, and reggae are her favorite genres), and sports. She attends live music and sporting events as much as possible, however some venues can be difficult to navigate with a wheelchair. She’s also politically active and enjoys being around like-minded individuals.

Making a Plan Just for Her

At MWH, Keitha has rebuilt much of her physical strength. Her favorite exercise is the Myocycle. She also likes the pec fly for upper body strength and the rebounder for core work and hand-to-eye coordination. Because of her increased stamina, she needs fewer breaks between exercises, and she is more independent when transferring in and out of her wheelchair.

Keitha values her time at MWH. Having a place to work out has been immensely helpful for both her physical and mental health. Now that she is at a place where she can be more self-sufficient, she feels more empowered in her community and can communicate better with others.   

“I transfer better. I’m speaking up more,” she says. “I’m giving others more knowledge in how to deal with an individual in a wheelchair. Now, when I’m out in the community, there isn’t more effort needed to help me because I am stronger and have begun to educate people on dealing with disability.”

She enjoys her relationship with MWH’s staff. Not only do they make her feel secure and safe, their positive feedback helps to motivate her. This sense of community is important to Keitha, and she hopes to see MWH expand so that others can experience it, too.

What’s Next for Keitha?

She wants to keep getting stronger. She already has a new fitness goal: to add battle ropes and Redcord to her routine. She also hopes that through therapy, she’ll be able to regain some sensation and eventually stand. Keitha also wants to fall in love, own a house, and live a happy, normal life.

So much of Keitha’s future is possible thanks to the progress she makes regularly at MWH. “You guys are great,” she says. “Without getting into detail, you have answered one of my prayers, and I think you are one of the best non-profits going.”