Balance Training Services in Shelton, CT

Did you know there are exercises that help you avoid being a fall risk by increasing your strength and bone density? Our balance training program in Shelton, CT was designed for that exact reason. 

We can help you improve your balance in a safe, easy way with 100% supervision. Here's how the balance training portion of our guided exercise program can help you regain your confidence and stability.

What is Balance Training?

Balance training involves specific exercises that strengthen your legs and core, giving you stronger stability and balance. 

Believe it or not, balance training doesn't have an age limit. It can help patients of all walks of life, including: 

  • Stroke survivors - balance training is a great way for stroke survivors to regain lost stability and increase movement. 
  • Sarcopenia (muscle loss due to age) - combat sarcopenia with balance exercise to help build muscle mass and increase function.
  • Elderly - balance training can help prevent falls by increasing bone density and strength. 

    Balance training can either be part of physical therapy or something you seek out on your own. Here at Moving With H.O.P.E., our balance training program involves the supervision of an experienced Exercise Physiologist who helps you every step of the way.

    Reasons You Might Need Balance Training

    While our balance training program was primarily designed to reduce fall risk in patients, there are many other reasons for balance training. This includes: 

    • Recovering from surgery 
    • A recent stroke 
    • Suffering from inner-ear disorders, such as vertigo 
    • Recovering from an injury 
    • Lack of balance and confidence to move around your home safely 
    • Difficulty walking

    Our Balance Training Program 

    Balance Assessment

    Before starting you on a balance training program, we will perform a balance assessment. This helps us gauge your current physical abilities, goals, and which exercises will be best for you. 

    During this initial assessment, we will analyze how easy (or difficult) specific exercises are for you and what your current balance level is.


    100% Supervised Balance Training

    You won't experience anything else like our balance training program. Our professional staff plus state-of-the-art balance equipment allows you to build up your strength in a safe, effective way. 

    Our balanced training program is part of our guided exercise program, which helps patients build strength, endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. 

    All of our balance training programs are customized for the individual. Exercises range from simple movements, like slowly standing up from a seated position to challenging strength poses. You will also have access to our balance training equipment.

    Benefits of Balance Training

    • Improved bone density 
    • Stronger balance 
    • Reduced fall risk 
    • Better strength and movement 
    • Enhanced flexibility

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